Fresh Kielbasa – old fashioned Polish kielbasa like you would get from a Polish butcher; don’t confuse this with the stuff you see in the supermarket (a giant hot dog?).  Fresh kielbasa is not smoked; it is garlicky with hints of sweet spices.

Hot Italian – just the right amount of fennel seed and heat; perfect with pasta or on a roll.

Sharp & Sweet – Italian that lacks heat but makes up for it with fresh red bell pepper and Pecorino Romano cheese; a crowd favorite.

El Diablo – Straight up heat and flavor; fresh jalapenos and Italian long hot peppers help to round out this spice blend…nice and warm!

Chorizo – Mexican style chorizo; little bit of heat, little bit of sweet…great in tacos or mixed into a burger.

Dixie – Sage sausage that is perfect for breakfast.

Vinocchio – Red wine and lots of toasted fennel in an Italian sausage.  If you like fennel, this is for you…

Beer Bratwurst – Pork and veal brat with a little hint of lager and carraway.  Great grilled and on a bun with spicy mustard.

Caprese – Pork sausage with fresh basil, mozzarella and sundried tomato.  When the basil is in season, you can’t beat this one…

Dixie Harvest – The same as our Dixie recipe but with seasonal, local hot peppers mixed in. 

New for this season…

Caribbean Jerk – Our own blend of jerk spices with a little bit of apple and scotch bonnet pepper.  A little sweet, a little hot, a lot of flavor.

Moroccan Merguez – A spicy lamb sausage with some heat and north African flavor…great on some flatbread with some goat cheese.

Giuseppe – Italian sausage with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe and a little bit of heat…this was a new fan favorite this summer.

Apple Bangers – Traditional English bangers with ground oats and fresh apples in the mix.