Mitchell and Geno were our pop and his brother.  They made sausage for sale out of Mitchell’s grocery store in Tacony (Philadelphia) and later out of pop’s basement back in the 60’s.  After recovering their equipment and recipes out of a family friend’s garage back in 2004, we started making our own.  We played with the old recipes and came up with some new ones.  We made hundreds of pounds for family and friends over the years and have finally decided to try and make a legitimate business out of it.

We make a variety of different sausages; Fresh Kielbasa, Hot Italian, Mexican-style Chorizo, an extra spicy variety called “El Diablo” and  our pride and joy, “Sharp and Sweet” which has Pecorino Romano cheese and red bell peppers.  We don’t use scrap meat.  We don’t use fillers.  We don’t use preservatives.  If you look on our labels you’ll see our ingredients are simply pork, water, salt and spices (a couple of veggies and cheeses are in there too).

Try our “El Diablo” on the grill, “Hot Italian” or “Sharp and Sweet” with pasta or in chili, “Fresh Kielbasa” with kraut, “Chorizo” in a burger or a taco…any way you cook it, you’re in for a treat.  Enjoy!

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